Acciones Erasmus + KA104 (Formación profesorado) 2019-2021

"Inclusión-Internacionalización: Patrimonio cultural, arte y literatura"


Movilidades 2019/2021

Observación de buenas prácticas: - Eslovenia

- Italia

Cursos formación profesorado - Patrimonio Cultural

- Bienal de Venecia: Novedades del arte contemporáneo.

- Actualización de la competencia comunicativa en lengua inglesa

Our project “Internationalization/Inclusion: Cultural Heritage, Art, Literature” takes advange of the international focus that our school has chosen as one of its priorities since 2004. 

At the moment, all the staff have English language skills that allow us to take part in activities with colleagues from different countries. 

Apart from Grundtvig and Erasmus+ projects, we have had and still have collaboration at many levels with institutions from the UK and the USA, since 2011. 

We have also hosted interns from the UK, Greece, Finland and Italy. 

Our Erasmus+ KA 104 project has been approved in the last three calls, what has enabled us to reach remarkable achievements such as the technological update of the school and the increase of the students ́ motivation. This has also contributes to make internationalization one of the key aspects of our dayly teaching practice. Our main goals at the moment are consolidating our international development at the same time that we design new targets. With this in mind, we have pinpointed three paths to follow:
  1.  Update the English language skills of the English teachers.

  2.  Take adavante of our trajectory in the use of artistic activities for the development of Englsih language skills and also personal, interpersonal and social competences and explore new opportunities in this field by focusing particularly on contempory art, European cultural heritahe and Literature.

  3.  Enhance and create European connections, at the time that we continue improving aspects of our teaching practice, such as Englsih teaching methodology or distance and mixed learning tools.
Through evaluation, we hace checked that the international training of staff benefits the teaching practice offered by our school and thsi stimulates motivation in our adult students who, in their majority belong to strongly deprived social and family backgrounds, and present a high risk of social exclusion. We also believe that we can become the best transmissors of a mentality open to the acceptance of other cultures and traditions, as a way to prevent radicalisation or populism, and dissemiane democratic values that are deeply inbued in our European heritage, such as equity and freedom. Language skills and the development of social, interpersonal and personal capacities will enable our students to successfully face the challenges posed by the complex international situation. 

With all these in mind, we have designed a plan including the following training activities :
  1. Two English language update courses for the English teachers at the school, which will enable them to maintain a high level of performance in leading our international activities.

  2. Two courses on contemporaty art and Eurpoean cultural heritage in Italy. These couses are aimed at acquiring and reinforcing the teachers ́knowledge on these matters so that they can disserminate with the students and also be used in the attainment of English language, social, personal and interpersonal competences in the students.

  3. Two job shadowing periods in Italy and Slovenia, so that we can get to know new teaching practices that are not present in the Spanish educatio system and introduce them in our school.
As a result, we would like to offer to our students high quality motivating teaching so that they can find effective answers to the extraordinary challenges that they face as adults. This way, we want to contribute to reduce the levels of early school leaing and equip them with tools to naviagate contemporary society successfully, taking advantage of al the benefits that our globalised world can provide for them. Finally, we would also like al to create an educational offer that is attractive for those who are not in training, education or employment.