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Acciones Erasmus + KA104 (Formación profesorado) 2016-2017

"Facing the challenges of Adult Education: Strategies to reduce early school leaving in a globalised world

Movilidades 2016-2017

Observación de buenas prácticas:

  • Tyresö Gymnasium de Tyresö, Suecia
    "Second Chance School". 
  •  ”Informacio és Media Kft”, Miskolk, Hungría,
    TIC en la formación de adultos
Cursos formación profesorado

  • Integrating ICTs into Education: Web Platforms and Apps, Florencia 
  • Classroom Management Solutions for TeachersFlorencia
  • English and Culture: Dublin
Project Summary

Our teachers´ training project “Facing the challenges of Adult Education: Strategies to reduce early school leaving in a globalised world"comes to an end with remarkable success.

The four different mobilities included in the approved project took place as described in it: 

* Jobshadowing experience at Tyresö Gymansium, Tyresö, Sweden. 

* Jobshadowing experience at ”Informacio és Media Kft” de Miscolk, Hungary. 

* Course on coperative learning, English language and Irish culture in Dublin, Ireland. 

* Course on class management in Florence, Italy. 

Besides, a fifth mobility was organised by using the same budget that was given to our project, at no extra cost. This allowed another member of our staff to attend a course on the educational use of social media in Florence, Italy. 

As the mobilities all took place in the last few months of the school,year , all that was learned in them will not be put into practice in our school until the next school year. With this in sight, a complete detailed programme has been designed so as to introduce all the activities that will produce the necessary impact in our institution. These will include among others: 

- Planning of activities for collaborative work with the students and teachers at The Second Chnace School in Tyresö, Sweden.

 - Revision of the arrangement of chairs, desks and other furniture and decoration in the classrooms to provide an environment that makes learning and teaching easier and mor effective. 

- Reflection about class management problems, and tools and tactics to give a better response to them. . 

- Design of activities dealing with personlities that can provide good role models for students, such as Gandhi and Mandela. 

- Improvement of the school surroundings, linked to the project to improve the school garden, while at the same time engaging in activities to commemorate English institition “ The Ark” ( English rose garden) 

- Google Drive training for teachers and students. 

- Introduction of suitable  "TED Talks“ in the English language lessons. 

- Improvement plan of the school virtual platform

- Use of Flashcard, ED Puzzle, Canvas . 

- Improvement of the use of the school Facebook page and how to use this social network for other educational purposes, 

- Planning of flipped lessons for all subjects and levels. 

All thesde measures will be taken to solve the big challenges that we have ahead: avoid early school leaving and attracting the adult population not in education, employment or training in our catchment area to our school, together with increasing motivation, offering modern quality teaching and improving our students´results. At the same tiem it is also our aim to develop our internationalization plan and we continue to strenghthen links with English organization “The Ark” and American institution Wellsville High School, through our project “Escondidas Culture- Hidden Culture”. 

The degree of satisfactioon with the project by all those involved is so big that we wil also be developing a new Erasmus+ KA104 project next year ”The international outlook” that will take members of the staff to training activities in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal.